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Pink Rose
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Rosa "Coffee Break"
Rosa "Coffee Break"
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Sun Rose
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Passion Rose
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Passion Rose
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Green Rose
green rose
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Sweet Rose




 has accomplished an artistic sensibility wich is clearly shown in her creations. In painting flowers subjects her inspiration is stimulated by the pleasure of depicting macro  using large canvases and acrylic colours. Her position as an artist is between figurative and abstract, apt to stimulate the viewers’ imagination and feelings through her large and colourful works.

Within her floral subjects there is always a research of circular harmony and balance, wich suggests a sort of Mandala to the subconscious mind.

​As a critic said: “A Rose is beauty without time, vibrating in a painting like a fossil footprint and at the sometime like a living creature”.


Nel dipingere soggetti floreali mi piace molto la dimensione macro che realizzo utilizzando grandi tele affiancate in dittico. La tecnica utilizzata è principalmente acrilica con finitura trasparente protettiva.

All'interno di questi soggetti esiste sempre la ricerca di un'armonia, un equilibrio circolare che suggerisce la forma di un Mandala orientale.

Come disse un critico: " Una Rosa è una bellezza senza tempo che vibra in un dipinto come un'impronta fossile e al tempo stesso come una creatura viva.


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